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The Copenhagen Letter Copenhagen, 2017 To everyone who shapes technology...
Submitted: 16th September 2017

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Creative Barcode IP Tag URLS provide an ideal means to confirm and edit design...
Submitted: 6th September 2017

Innovation Bank is an innovation community that welcomes all type of design and innovation led firms and individuals whether start-ups or corporates, technology firms, Universities, finance, creative and legal service providers. Simply join, place your profile, team, brochure and media releases and find collaborative partners, co-create and buy, sell or license innovation concepts protected under Creative Barcode Trust Charter.  



Wolfstrome Design

Award-winning designer specialising in information graphics, way-finding and beautifully crafted typography


Creative Barcode

Join Creative Barcode to authenticate, protect and safely-disclose your business, creative & innovation concepts worldwide.

Renfrew Group Int.

Award winning Renfrew Group International are a full service, product design and industrial engineering consultancy.